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Our purpose

To Heal the Whole.

S&K Kraftworks was officially created at the end of Thanksgiving dinner with a side of pie in 2015.
We were born, however, with Lupacha Ann Beeman Price, our grandmother. We rose out of the rhymes and recipes found written in the margins of her crossword puzzle books; we came out of her books on plants and their medicinal uses, and we grew in her garden with her rosemary and rabbits.
We resurrected her knowledge out of necessity.

Each one of us in S&K Kraftworks has had to overcome traumas. We have survived deaths, divorces, and all sorts diagnosis’, only to pick up more pain and horrible addictions along the way.
We realized that we needed to save ourselves. So we dug our heels back into our roots and decided on a concept of Heal the whole not the hole. That’s why we sell anything from wands to face serums.  We firmly believe in the link between the mental and the physical.

We are local, natural, and holistic. 
We are a growing cosmic family that just wants to pay it forward.
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Join us and learn to manifest with the new and full moon utilizing our monthly subscription box. Each box comes with tools for astrological and celestial themes of the month.

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