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Intro to Shadow

Shadow Work Journey Group - This course is sold out but there will be more coming in the future!

This course offers guidance through healing our wounds and trauma that resides in our subconscious mind, which psychologist Carl Jung called, The Shadow or Shadow Self.

Deep transformative healing is done when we look inward at ourselves and try to analyze what makes us "tick". Why do we have certain negative behaviors or responses throughout our conscious and subconscious day to day thoughts.

This course seeks for those answers so we can better understand ourselves and our gifts.

This course includes:

Weekly zoom class from May 7th to June 5th.

2 Private 30 minute sessions (including Divination with each session)

2 Meditations

2 Rituals

1 Journal

4 Journal Prompts

6 Weeks of intuitive guided journey through shadow for $50.

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