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Strawberry Moonboxes


Here she is!!! Our One Year /13th lunar cycle anniversary box of Diana’s Bow!!

And she is absolutely glorious my glories! I am beyond proud to present her. (Look how far we’ve come! Who remembers that black honey mask?)

I am unbelievably grateful for all the support that has lead us here. Thank you to those that have supported me and us throughout- and thank you to all the ones just now joining us for this celebration! Our family grew a bit this month and we are beyond grateful! Ok enough blubbering- here’s your deets for this lunar cycle: (don’t forget those four planets in retro- Saturn, Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter)

May 21 Sun arrives in Gemini

Box starts:

  • May 22 New Moon in Gemini - Gemini is of the element of Air and is the home of the master of communication. Gemini is curious and will help us go forward in new ways.

  • Mercury in Gemini conjunct Venus

  • Gemini

  • Sun Trine Saturn in Aquarius

  • Mercury in Gemini Square

  • Neptune in Pisces

  • May 28- Mercury enters Cancer - “Use feeling words”

  • June 3 - Venus Gemini Square Mars in Pisces

  • June 5 Full Strawberry Moon In Sagittarius


This moon signifies its time to harvest your fruit (blessings!) and use that energy to propel you forward. This moon with the eclipse signifies the Wrapping up old ideals and propelling forward.

Your gifts this cycle:

Electroformed Crescent Moon Necklaces from S&K Kraftworks

With your crystal -Strawberry Quartz (see how we did that?)

The green variety is also known Scarlet Quartz

The green gets its color from various forms of iron oxide inclusions!

So that being said

Some of you got pink-

“Strawberry Quartz carries all the energies of a Clear Quartz, with the additional vibrations of universal love, understanding of your reason in this world, and courage to seize the day. Carrying a piece of Strawberry Quartz can be very soothing and calming for you!”

And some of you got green-

“Green Strawberry Quartz has the ability to amplify intentions of love, gratitude, and generosity, and can radiate those vibrations outward.” Also very calm and soothing for when the world seems to be trying to move too fast!

Now y’all got your own Diana’s Bow!

And to thank those that have been with us through the whole journey, you received a 13 Moon medallion on your necklace as well!

If you received that special pendant please contact me for your additional surprise service for your loyalty 🖤

Strawberry Moon Candle from Moon Candles-

“The strawberry moon is a time of connecting with yourself to ensure that you are on track for manifesting your dreams for this coming summer. Take time during this moon to ground and check in with yourself. Pay attention to your dreams (consider dream journaling) and most of all, be ready to get things done! Doing the work now will make certain that you will have a healthy “harvest” of emotional growth over the coming season. Burn this candle whenever you want an extra boost for your personal growth work.”

And last but certainly not least -

SeederSong Farm - Hand-Dipped Beesewax Spell Candle

“Did you know that, traditionally, each full moon name was applied to the entire lunar cycle in which it occurred? We are so excited to share these hand-dipped beeswax spell candles for the Strawberry Lunar Cycle and Diana’s Bow One Year Anniversary! 100% homegrown beeswax from our honey ladies down at the hive 100% hand-dipped and hand-painted chime candle holders.

Ingredients: hemp wick, beeswax, polymer clay, acrylic paint

Have you ever wondered how busy a honeybee really is? Beeswax is the foundation of every honey bee hive -- they build honeycomb from the beeswax they produce and fill it with the next generation of bees and honey/pollen food stores during the seasonal nectar flow. There are many jobs within the hive but it is the newly emerged honeybee who is tasked to build and repair the comb soon after her emergence as an adult.

One healthy worker bee can produce about 8 scales of wax in a 12 hour period. For scale, it takes 1,000 scales of wax to make a single gram of beeswax--the average weight of ONE birthday candle. It would take one honeybee 62 ½ days to make ONE birthday candle if that is all she does during that period! Wow - these ladies work hard! And, so do you! These candles are perfect for the start of any new project, endeavor or when high productivity is required. I personally use these beeswax spell candles during my new moon ritual as these times mark new endeavors in my practice.

Note for use: I really enjoyed the whimsical aesthetic created by leaving the wicks extra long and curled -- I just couldn’t trim them! You can try lighting but it may be required to trim the wicks prior to use. Also, the strawberry leaves are paper and may catch fire - please monitor your candle while it burns. Beeswax burns longer than other waxes and these candles may

burn anywhere from 7 to 20 minutes due to varying sizes.

♥♥♥, --Bea.

Again, I can’t say thank you enough ❤️ about a year ago I was telling my girls I wanted to throw up and we should probably just refund everyone’s money and back out 😂😂😂- and they told me to stfu and to make my dream a reality. That’s my advice for this cycle- just fucking go for it. Go for those dreams because even if you fall jumping and manifesting with the moon- you’ll fall amongst your SiStars 🖤

Most of your boxes are ready for pick up at the store - special store hours.

Wednesday Friday Saturday

11-3ish- depending on business.

Shipping will happen this afternoon -

Drop offs will happen today through tomorrow -

Your customized emails will start coming this evening and will go on throughout the weekend (if you ordered a custom box I send you an email and explaining your month and all your gifts!)

Any questions at all please let me know!

I love you all stooopid



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